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Indian model accuses Pak Umpire Asad Rauf for sexual abuse

PTI 15 Aug 2012, 15:44:31 IST
Mumbai, Aug 14: A model from Oshiwara, a neighbourhood in Mumbai, has accused Pakistani cricketer turned umpire Asad Rauf of exploiting her sexually for months after promising he would marry her.

The model, in her written complaint to a local deputy commissioner of police (DCP), alleged that she had met the former cricketer in Sri Lanka a few months back after which they spent a few days together.

The complainant alleged that Rauf told her he would marry her and would also get her an apartment. She said that he did disclose his marital status and the fact that he had children but added that religion allowed him to have more than one wife.

As per the complaint, they met after that many times, including during the Indian Premiere League (IPL), after which he had, when asked about marriage, said that “it would happen soon”.

The complaint reports that when she called him a few days ago, he did not respond and around five days back, he refused to have any future interactions, allegedly saying he did not know her.

The DCP office confirmed the receipt of a letter and said they would launch an inquiry into the matter.