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Javed Mianded Refuses To Accompany Team To NZ

PTI 12 Dec 2010, 17:24:22 IST
Karachi, Dec 12 (PTI) Pakistan's former captain Javed Miandad has turned down a request from the national team's one-day captain Shahid Afridi to accompany the team to New Zealand.

Miandad, who has been appointed as batting consultant of the national team by the Pakistan Cricket Board, is working with the players in the ongoing national camp in  Lahore but has declined to accompany the players to New Zealand.

"Shahid Afridi had a talk with me and he asked me to reconsider my decision not to go to New Zealand. He said that my presence would be of great help to the players in  New Zealand," Miandad said today.

"But I have told him it is not possible for me to go to New Zealand because of a number of reasons," the former cricketer said.