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JEFF, the latest mystery ball after Doosra and Carrom Ball

India TV News Desk 01 Sep 2014, 8:21:06 AM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: In modern era of high speed competitive cricket , where batsmen have  the luxury of playing with modern sophisticated bats and gears, batsmen keep inventing cricketing shots which were not though of a few years ago.


With so many improvised shots coming in to play in a game which is predominantly a batsman's game, it becomes imperative for the bowlers to come up with new mysterious deliveries. After the invention of Doosra and Carrom ball now comes second version of ‘JEFF,' invented by the Australian off spinner Nathan Lyon.


Two years after the brief and successful debut of 'Jeff', a straight ball that Lyon squeezed out of the front of his fingers, the 26-year-old is poised to introduce Jeff's twin brother to the world.