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Know cricketers in dynamic moustaches (in pics)

India TV News Desk 04 Jan 2015, 13:29:14 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: "A man without a Moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar", an English proverb says and relating it with 'the Gentleman's Game- Cricket' one can get the pure delight to watch some best moustache worn by the players.

Cricketers have always entertained the crowd with hard hitting bouncers, fours and sixes since the beginning and even the experiments with their looks have brought smiles on fan's faces.

Some of the famous moustache types are English, Toothbrush, Pyramid, Pencil, Painter's Brush, Chevron, Horseshoe but "Handlebar" remains the top favorite amongst the cricketers over the years.

Players have been flaunting thier different looks, different hairstyles and MOUSTACHE on the field. Over the years cricketers have been the trend setters for their fans and there have been many instances when a player with moustache have made the ladies go crazy, which ultimately leads to swelling of their female fan following.

One seldom sees a player changing his batting-bowling style in his entire playing days but one does get to see the changing looks in accordance with prevailing vogue. Let's take a look at different moustache opted by the cricketers.  

1) Mitchell Johnson: Australian fast bowler Mitchell Jhonson is amongst the players who brought back the look with moustache on the field for Australia as well as into cricket. He wore the famous 'Handlebar' moustache. People went crazy after watching his moustache. Though he removed it after some time but musician and Aussie cricket fan Denis Carnahan pleaded with Ashes hero Mitchell Johnson to bring back his furry lip-warmer.

Mitchell Johnson had to sacrifice his famous handlebar moustache for charity.