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Moin Khan to continue his dual role, says PCB chief

PTI 06 Nov 2014, 23:35:34 PM IST

Karachi: The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Shaharyar Khan has made it clear that Moin Khan will continue in his dual role as manager and chief selector till the time the national team performs well.

"The Board of Governors have given me complete authority to take a decision on this issue of persons holding dual or more roles in the cricket board or set-up," Khan told a media conference today in Lahore.

"For the time being I have decided not to touch anyone because of the existing circumstances and because there is little time left before the World Cup.

"Moin Khan will continue to work as manager and chief selector as we don't want to make changes in the middle of the race. If the performance of the team goes down then we will see what to do," he added.

Moin, a former Test captain, said recently that he was comfortable handling both responsibilities and didn't feel any extra pressure.

"If a person is doing his job honestly and with dedication like I have done, I have no problems taking on another job or role as well," Moin had said earlier.

The PCB has come under criticism in recent times for giving dual roles and jobs to number of former players in the cricket board.

Moin being the most high profile of them. The others include former Test batsman Basit Ali, who is not only working as chief junior selector but also as head of regional cricket development in Sindh and also coaches the Sui Northern Gas team in domestic team.

Similarly former Test bowler Muhammad Akram is working as national selector and head coach at the National Cricket Academy.

The PCB chief said that he had the power to take decision on this issue but he would hold it until the situation warrants a decision on dual jobs and roles.

Shaharyar said Moin had so far done a good job as manager and chief selector, and like everyone his job was also linked to the performances of the team.

"It is good to see that the Pakistan team played so well to beat Australia and it is a historic victory for us."

Shaharyar said it was encouraging to see the way senior players and the youngsters combined to produce good results for the national team.