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MS Dhoni still has a lot to contribute: Sunil Gavaskar

PTI 23 Jun 2015, 11:56:21 AM IST

New Delhi: Former captain Sunil Gavaskar has said it is too early to write off Mahendra Singh Dhoni and called him the best Indian ODI skipper ever and still has a lot to offer.

India lost the first two ODIs to allow Bangladesh take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series and Dhoni said he is willing to quit if it helps Indian cricket.

However, Gavaskar advised against knee-jerk reactions and said the decision should be left to Dhoni.

"It is a decision he has to take. Look, you can't take away the achievements from him. He is India's best captain by far. He has done almost everything, be it, T20, ODIs, Champions Trophy or World Cup. He took India to the number one ranking in Tests. So his achievement is manifold," Gavaskar said on Monday.

"He deserves respect and recognition for it and it should be up to him whether he feels up for the job, whether he has the enthusiasm. I do not think it would be fair to remove him as captain. It is a decision which out of sheer respect for the man, should be left to him," Gavaskar added.

Asked if it is beneficial for Indian cricket to still have Dhoni as the ODI skipper, Gavaskar said: "Yes, I think it is beneficial for Indian cricket to have him as captain. He still has a lot to contribute.

"Yes, the results against Bangladesh has been unfortunate but let's give some credit to Bangladesh as well. They played some superb cricket. Bangladesh got a new bowler and Indian batting had no answers to his (Mustafizur Rahman) left-handed angled deliveries, which he produced in the first two ODIs. I understand losing to Bangladesh is difficult to swallow but let us not get into knee-jerk reactions."

Going through a rough patch, Dhoni also had an on-field collision with Bangladesh's new pace sensation Rahman during the first ODI, which cost him 75 per cent of his match fee.

Asked if he observed any change of demeanour in Dhoni, Gavaskar said: "No, not exactly. He seemed fine. He is just 33 years old, may be at 35 or 36 he might want to play just as a player because as a captain you have additional responsibility, you are thinking about everyone in the team and that can be a burden at 36 but not now. I think he still has a lot to offer."