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My approach remains same after quitting Tests: MS Dhoni

PTI 17 Jun 2015, 18:29:35 IST

Dhaka: India limited overs skipper, MS Dhoni, said that quitting Test cricket would have no bearing on his approach to the ODI format on the eve of India's first ODI against Bangladesh in Mirpur. Dhoni, who retired from Tests after the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne last year, said the approach would remain same but the team would constantly seek ways to improve itself.

"It's not about me but as to what the team demands from me and what the situation is when I go into bat. So it will still be the same. It also depends on where I am batting," Dhoni said.

"My approach towards ODIs will be quite the same because what's important is for the team to win," Dhoni said. "We will have to see what kind of roles and responsibilities suit the individuals playing in the XI, and accordingly, we will decide. Being adaptive and constantly looking to improve is something that's important at the international level," he said.

Dhoni dismissed suggestions of his training with local coach MP Singh ahead of the Bangladesh tour changing his approach to batting. "If I am batting at 5 and 6, the demands are very different compared to if I am batting at 3 and 4," Dhoni said. "Let us not make it complex. It's a small thing that keeps on going. It's a lot to talk about but it's very basic and very simple. You can have your own idea."

Dhoni acknowledged Bangladesh's rise as an ODI team and said the on-field rivalry between the two teams have been professional. "It has been very professional in the sense both the teams playing at their best wanting to win for their country. But we have not had any incident on the field which I feel is very important as far as sports is concerned. It has been good, it's moving in the right direction."

With rain threatening to play a part in the three-match ODI series as well, the 33-year-old stressed the importance of 'switching off' mentally during the rain breaks to give oneself maximum opportunities to do well post the break. "Our target first and foremost is to win the series by taking one game at a time. That is something that makes our job slightly easy. Because there is also chance of rain, so it is important to remain focussed," Dhoni said.

"If we gather some kind of momentum, it's important that we switch off at the right time with the rain break. And once the time comes for us to switch on, we should be able to do that and try to get as many runs as possible."

When the inevitable question regarding the no-ball controversy from when the two sides clashed in the World Cup quarter-final did arrive, Dhoni said he didn't want to dwell on past matters. "Which controversy? Which game are you are talking about? That's like 4-5 months back. Anything about last couple of days I remember. Let's not get into that, it was a game of cricket," he reasoned.