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FICTION! PM Narendra Modi reaches Australia to settle scores with Greg Chappell

India TV News Desk 14 Nov 2014, 16:00:19 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Before Team India's official tour to Down Under, the premiere Narendra Modi himself has reached the country to settle the scores beforehand.

Prime Minister said, he had felt deeply pained after knowing about the enormities of Greg Chappell, as revealed in “Playing It My Way”, the autobiography of God himself. (Sachin Tendulkar)



Narendra Modi is planning to sign a contract with counterpart Tony Abbott, regarding awarding Chappell with the title of “Ringmaster” and forcing him to join circus to earn his livelihood further.


He has further asked Australian government to write an apology letter on the behalf of Greg Chappell, asking for forgiveness from God and legendary cricketers Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan, who have faced the ordeals during Chappell's two year stint.


Furthermore, the Government of India is also planning to pass a memorandum banning Chappell from any future visits to India. 

For Chappell's award ceremony, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MSG), place of many memorable tussles between India and Australia, has been chosen as the venue.

According to media reports, many famous cricketers from both Australia and India have been invited to become the witness of this historic day.


Little master Sunil Gavaskar and legendary all-rounder Kapil Dev will act as ambassadors of the Prime Minister.


The event will see Greg Chappell posing as a dart board and legendary cricketers taking shots at him. After which he will be entitled with the crown of Ring master and will be registered as a lifetime member of National Circus.


On special demand, Andrew Symnonds will act as dart board for Harbhajan Singh and will take all the hotshots with grace, for committing ‘MonkeyGate'.


After the award ceremony, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott will host a gala dinner for PM Narendra Modi and the Sachin Tendulkar. Also, he will personally lend an apology from all the famous cricketers present there.


NOTE: This story is a work of fiction intended to bring smile to your face. It bears no connection to events and characters in real life.