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Rohit Sharma off to Australia with 2 'Lucky charms'

India TV Sports Desk 23 Nov 2014, 15:44:12 PM IST
India TV Sports Desk

New Delhi: Indian's hard-hitting batsman Rohit Sharma has left for Australia with his 'lucky charms' to keep him calm, focused and happy on a two and a half months tour.

Rohit is off to Australia with his 2 lucky bats in his playing kit. He has carried the bats one, with which he scored 209 against Australia in 2013 and the other with which he scored world record 264 runs against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens on November 13.

He has also preserved the jersey along with the bat in which he scored 209 and 264 runs.

Rohit says, ‘My mood gets better if I see these bats in front of me in the dressing room. ‘

Sharma received a special award from BCCI for his blistering knock of 264 run, highest runs by any individual in ODIs.

Rohit Sharma signed and donated one of his Indian jerseys which he wore during the series to Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) after slamming 264 runs against Sri Lanka. The CAB plans to frame and display the jersey.

To take his lucky bats on tour, Rohit got them repaired as well.

India's will play its 1st Test match on 4th December against Australia.