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IPL 8: Rohit Sharma unsure of opening the innings

IANS 17 Apr 2015, 10:46:28 AM IST

Mumbai: Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma on Thursday said he wants to continue batting at number four to keep the balance and combination of the team right.

Against Rajasthan Royals on Tuesday, Rohit came in to bat at four but got out without scoring.

"Looking at the balance and combination of the team, it's better for me to bat at four. I don't know if I will open the innings in games to come," Rohit said ahead of their match against Chennai Super Kings here on Friday.

"Everything depends on the balance of the team. If the balance of the team is right it doesn't matter if I bat up the order or down the order. Right now I feel better off batting at number four," the skipper said.

When asked if it would be difficult for him to come out from the comfort zone and continue batting at four, he said: "No. If you lose games, lot of things come up. If we would have won the game, the combination and balance wouldn't have been an issue. The only reason we are trying to do so many changes is we want to get the combination right. Once we start winning all will fall in place."

"IPL is such that people come in from different countries. It's important to understand the boys in the team. I have studied them and I know what they are capable of doing," said the 27-year-old.