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Sourav Ganguly Supports Anna Hazare On Twitter

PTI 21 Aug 2011, 17:17:59 IST

London, Aug 21: Former India captain Sourav Ganguly has expressed his support for Anna Hazare's campaign for a Jan Lokpal.

Ganguly has written on Twitter that  the Indian Constitution begins with the words “We, The People” and not  “We, the Government” or “We, the Parliament”.

Tweets of Sourav Ganguly:
i support Anna Hazare. We and Indian Team watched protest of indians in support of janlokpal and Annaji. Jai Hind.

What sachin is doing for our country from 22yrs is same what Anna Hazare is doing for his country from 20 years.

i can't come now, i'm in England, in a contract with bcci

Indian Constitution starts with ‘WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA' and not ‘WE THE GOVERNMENT' or ‘WE THE PARLIAMENT'