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Team India to live on "Butter Chicken" during Australia tour

India TV Sports Desk 20 Nov 2014, 18:05:14 PM IST
India TV Sports Desk

New Delhi: India's Tour of Australia is just around the corner and Team India is making sure that they stay away from every 'spice' on tour. India will take on Australia on December 4, 2014 in 1st Test.

Team India has sent a list of long nutritional requirements for the menu on tour and have said "NO" to spicy food. A special chef will be accompanying team India who will be taking are care of the taste buds of the players.

Instructed MENU card heads "No Spicy Food" in large, red font. Indian players have asked for mild curry dishes like butter chicken in there all-day menu at the venues.

Considering the fact that several players are vegetarian, the instructed Menu strictly says "NO" to beef and pork and includes scrambled and poached eggs, grilled mushrooms, baked beans, yoghurt and whole fruits for breakfast.

Team's lunch must include grilled chicken and fish, butter chicken (mild), steamed rice, dry vegetable curry and steamed vegetables.

Indian cricketers have also insisted to avoid deep fried food on tour.

According to the reports, any food that is not on the list must b e approved by team management before they are provided to athletes.

The report submitted also includes the hygiene issues to be maintained during tour.

“All utensils should look clean and have no food or anything else visible.''

“All staff must wash their hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water.

“Utensils must be sanitized in a dishwasher at high heat and must be dried before use, with air drying the best method.''

Australia also sends food guidelines to opposition countries before overseas tours.

It seems that India is conscious about the health of their key players and wants them to stay away from sour health away from home.

All eyes will be set on team India against Australia, as the guests have a dismal record against the hosts on fast and pacy tracks.