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Trescothick Offered $1.56 Million To Hit Ball Out Of Lord's

PTI 06 Dec 2010, 17:44:45 IST
Melbourne: He may have been too fragile for the mind-games in professional cricket, but that has not stopped Marcus Trescothick from being targetted by the 'Mongoose' bat company.  

A former England Test star, Trescothick has got an opportunity to earn a cool  $ 1.56 million if he can send the ball sailing over the stands of the historic Lord's stadium. 

Former opener Marcus Trescothick, who remains a formidable name in the country's county circuit after retiring from international cricket, was offered a chance to fish a million pounds if he muscles the ball over 210 feet from the Nursery End landmark at the Lord's.  

The hard-hitting batsman received the offer from his bat makers Mongoose for repeating a feat that has been attained only once in the cricketing history, 'The Herald Sun' reported.  

Mongoose said Trescothick was well-placed to repeat the record set by Australian Albert Trott, who cleared the 50-foot building during a match for Marylebone Cricket Club in 1899.  

The 34-year-old will be equipped with the Mongoose's latest bat, designed for cricket's shortest form.