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WADA Asks India To Clear Stand On Anti-Doping Clause

PTI 19 Sep 2009, 3:50:14 AM IST
Even as the Indian team left for the Champions Trophy on Friday, the World Anti-Doping Agency has asked the Indian government whether it supports the stand taken by the BCCI on the contentious “whereabouts clause” issue.  

Indian cricketers have refused to sign WADA's anti-doping policy citing threat to security and privacy. But WADA president John Fahey said he was hopeful of the international cricket community, including India, coming to the fold and joining the global drive against doping.  

“The ICC are WADA code compliant and India is a member of the ICC. We have taken the matter up with Indian authorities and made a request if the Indian government supports the stand taken by the BCCI,” Fahey said during a teleconference last night.  

“I think there has been and still is confusion that have not been properly addressed or they do not fully understand the system,” said Fahey, adding, “Any athlete can be tested anywhere any time...whether you are part of the registered testing pool or not.” He also hoped the issue would be sorted out at the ICC chief executives' meeting during the Champions Trophy in South Africa.