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When Ian Bell asked 'who is GAZA'?

India TV Sports Desk 10 Aug 2014, 7:15:50 AM IST
India TV Sports Desk
New Delhi: While the entire world is debating weather whats happening in Gaza is right or wrong, England batsman Ian Bell is too focused on his batting that he does not even know what Gaza is.

England all-rounder Moeen Ali stirred up an extraordinary altercation between cricket and religious chiefs by wearing his ‘Free Palestine' and ‘Save Gaza' wristbands during the third Test against India.

Ian Bell, chosen to speak to the media after Ali's wristband protest, was briefed that he would probably be asked questions about Gaza.
And ‘Who's Gaza?' responded Bell.

Ali, a committed Muslim, was warned by the match referee not to wear them again as this would be seen as making political, religious or racial statements during matches.

Senior Rabbi Yisroel Fine of Cockfosters was so enraged by Ali's political stance in support of Gaza that he phoned England Cricket Board chairman Giles Clarke to complain.

There then followed a very heated exchange with both parties reportedly shocked by the rudeness and aggression being used by the other.

Clarke gave his full backing to Ali, saying there was no way he would interfere with a player wanting to express his opinions.

As a result Rabbi Fine, a cricket-lover who has retired from his synagogue leadership, is considering quitting his membership of the MCC, although Clarke has no part in its running.