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Won't ask Anderson to tone down verbals: Alastair Cook

India TV Sports Desk 07 Aug 2014, 11:35:15 AM IST
India TV Sports Desk
New Delhi: England captain Alastair Cook is happy with Jimmy Anderson's on-field behaviour and will not be asking the leader of his attack to tone down the verbals in Thursday's fourth Investec Test in Manchester.

Cook's defence of Anderson came only a couple of hours after the ICC chief executive David Richardson said he would not be appealing against Justice Gordon Lewis's decision to exonerate both Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja following their set-to in the Trent Bridge pavilion last month.

But Richardson also warned that there was ‘no place in the game for the use of offensive language that is personally insulting of one player by another' – a statement that seemed aimed squarely at Anderson following events in Nottingham.

According to daily mail, Cook admitted he had never played with a cricketer whose off-field and on-field personas were as different as Anderson's. But he said: ‘I don't think anyone should moan about it, because what happens on the field should stay on the field and off the field you should be a nice guy.