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India will win eight medals, including one gold in Rio Olympics, predicts Goldmann Sachs

India TV Sports Desk New Delhi August 02, 2016 17:58 IST
India TV Sports Desk

India is all set to send its largest-ever contingent of 119 athletes, who will compete in 15 different sporting events in the Rio Olympics set to commence on August 5. The appearance of wrestler Narsingh Yadav, who got a clean chit from NADA in the alleged doping case, in the Games is still under suspicion.
According to a Times of India report, global financial major Goldmann Sachs has predicted in its ‘The Olympics and Economics’ report that India will win eight medals in the Olympic games, including one gold medal.
The predicted number of medals is two more than what India won in the 2012 London Olympics – two silver and four bronze medals. 

Before the commencement of London Olympics, Goldman Sachs had predicted India would win five medals, including two gold medals.

The analysts at Goldman Sachs have been publishing the ‘World Cup and Economics’ reports for several years that predicted football world cup winners. It was in 2012 that the financial firm predicted the performance of countries in the London Olympics. 

The prediction by the Goldman Sachs analysts is done using macroeconomic data and statistics accumulated by one of its sister-concern firms that analyses growth conditions across countries. 

In its report for 2012 London Olympics, Goldman Sachs had made an accurate prediction of the total medals tally for UK, which won 65 medals. It had also correctly predicted 10 of the top 11 countries in the gold medals table.
For the 2016 Rio Olympics, the report has again predicted US to retain its dominance with a total of 106 medals – three more than the London Olympics. The report has further envisaged that China will rank second with 89 medals and UK will stand third with 59 medals. 

India, with predicted eight medals, will be at the 50th place in the Rio Olympics medals tally. 

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs analysts have stated that in case Russian athletes are banned from all events in the Rio Olympics, it will lead to a major shift in the medals tally as Russia has always been one of the top medal winners in the Olympics.