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F1 driver Bianchi out of coma

IANS 20 Nov 2014, 8:21:54 AM IST

Nice: Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi has come out of artificial coma and is breathing unaided, his family said yesterday.

The 25-year-old Marussia driver suffered severe head injuries in a horrific accident at the Japanese Grand Prix Oct 5.

The Frenchman has been flown from hospital in Yokkaichi, Japan, to intensive care in Nice, France.

However, his condition is still said to be "critical" and he remains unconscious.

"Jules is no longer in the artificial coma in which he was placed shortly after the accident. However, he is still unconscious. He is breathing unaided and his vital signs are stable, but his condition is still classified as 'critical'. His treatment now enters a new phase concerned with the improvement of his brain function," his family said in a statement.

"Jules' neurological condition remains stable. Although the situation continues to be serious, and may remain so, it was decided that Jules was sufficiently stable to be repatriated to his native France."

Bianchi's family added they were thankful that, after his initial treatment in Japan, the next phase of his recovery would take place near his home.

"We are thankful that the next phase of Jules' treatment can continue close to home, where he can be surrounded and supported by his wider family and friends," the statement said.