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Lack of promoters preventing MotoGP from coming to India

PTI 08 Nov 2014, 23:39:47 PM IST

Valencia: Global motorcycle racing MotoGP rights holder Dorna Sports is keen to bring the event to India but lack of a local promoter is preventing it from being held there.

"In India we need somebody to organise. At the moment we don't have an agreement. From our point, India is very important for motorcycle sports. We need some good local promoters but without them we can't organise such an event," Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta told a group of visiting Indian reporters here.

When asked for any possibility of MotoGP coming to India anytime in future, he said, "We would be very happy to have the MotoGP in India, which is a very important market in the world but any race needs an agreement with the promoter for the contribution to the cost of that, and he is not ready."

He said Dorna Sports had a contract to host the World Series Superbike race in India "but the problem is that the situatuon at Buddh Circuit didn't permit us to have race. We already had a contract with the Buddh Circuit to host the Superbike race last year, unfortunately they said they are not able to do at this moment."

Asked if support from the Indian government could help, he said, "We didn't talk with anybody except the owners of Buddh Circuit. Of course in any place, there is a need for support from government for such an event. Even here in Valencia, the government supports in a big way."

Ezpeleta said the Buddh International Circuit was as good as track as others in the MotoGP calendar "except for just one slow corner" which needed to be rectified from a safety point of view.