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Sports meet in Kenya cancelled over Ebola fears

IANS 21 Aug 2014, 9:38:25 AM IST
Nairobi: The International Netball Federation (INF) cancelled an international meeting in Nairobi owing to deadly Ebola virus attack that has visited parts of Africa, Xinhua reported Wednesday.

Kenya Netball Federation Secretary Lilian Anupi said Wednesday the INF has revoked sending its instructors to Africa with the main reason being the scare that the deadly virus has elicited around the world.

The meeting was scheduled to take place between Aug 25 and Sept 1. The course would have drawn over 100 participants from the east African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Even though the disease has been mainly confined in the three West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the World Health Organisation has described Kenya as a high risk area owing to its capital city of Nairobi being a major air transit hub.

So far, Kenya has shut its borders to citizens from the epicentre of the disease that has so far claimed over 1,000 lives.