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US Olympic Committee hails Rio 2016 progress

IANS 20 Nov 2014, 14:33:37 PM IST

Rio de Janeiro: The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has lauded Rio's preparations for the 2016 Games, describing the progress made by local organisers as "stunning".

A delegation of 60 USOC officials Wednesday ended a three-day visit here that included meetings with local officials and tours of event facilities, reports Xinhua.

"It's been super-great. We've seen some stunning progress. In terms of the infrastructure, hotels are being built, the progress at the Olympic Park is amazing. The Olympic Village continues to be impressive - it looks really wonderful. It's a great location and our teams are going to be really comfortable there," USOC managing director Leslie Gamez said.

Gamez said she was surprised by the excitement the Games had already generated among Brazilians.

"This is the perfect place to host the Games. It's a wonderful culture and the people are so warm and welcoming and it's a beautiful location. I love Brazil and everybody in our delegation does because it's such a sporting country and you feel the enthusiasm and passion for sports in everyone you meet, from hotel owners to taxi drivers, everybody just seems so jazzed about the upcoming Games," she said.