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Zigzag car racing in China

India TV News Desk 11 Aug 2012, 18:34:30 IST
India TV News Desk
Beijing, Aug 11: More than 40 racers participated in a grade climbing car race Thursday on a highly twisted highway in Qinglong County in southwest China's Guizhou Province.

The race was staged on a section of the Stilwell Road, built during the world war two (WWII). And the mountain highway, nicknamed "24-zigs" because of the 24 sharp bends, is four kilometers long and has an elevation of 250 meters.

Every racer drove his vehicle up the highway section three times, with the best times taken for deciding the final rankings. The racer with the shortest total time covering the course won the race.

During the 24 zigs, the racers were much more exhilarated, as they got a good opportunity to showcase their driving skills, such as drifting.

For many of the racers, it was their first time to test their skills on this section of the historic highway, and they were impressed by the harsh terrain conditions they conquered.

"The road is very classic, and it's my first trip to the '24-zig' road, and I feel good. Very comfortable to cover the 3.8 kilometers," said Wang Rui, a car racer from Dongfeng Citroen team.

The two-day event started on Wednesday, and it's the sixth of its kind since its first version in 2005.