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Champions League final most important game of my life: Vidal

PTI 02 Jun 2015, 16:45:24 IST

Rome: Italian club Juventus' Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal described the upcoming Champions League final against Spanish side FC Barcelona as "the most important game" of his life.

Juventus will take on Barcelona in the final on June 6 in Berlin, reports Efe.

In an interview published by the club's website, the Juventus midfielder said that he feels a lot of emotions as the final approaches and likened the anticipation of the biggest game of his life to being in a dream state.

Vidal, one of the main pillars of Juventus along with the Argentine forward Carlos Tevez, reiterated that playing in the Champions League final is the ultimate goal.

He went on to explain how Juve is concentrating on beating Barcelona, and while the Spanish team is the favourite to win, he noted that Barcelona is not invincible.

"Everyone has always said they were favourites against us. We have shown a different thing on the pitch," Vidal said, as he hoped for a Juventus victory.