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FIFA World Cup: Luiz Scolari not likely to change team for the opener

India TV News Desk 08 Jun 2014, 7:39:13 IST
India TV News Desk
SAO PAULO : Luiz Felipe Scolari is unlikely to change Brazil's starting lineup for the World Cup opener despite struggling in its final warm-up matches.
Scolari said adjustments need to be made to the squad after lackluster performances in the warm-up matches, but he will probably keep the same lineup for the inaugural match against Croatia on Thursday in Sao Paulo.
Brazil didn't play well in a 4-0 win over Panama on Tuesday and also struggled in the 1-0 victory over Serbia on Friday, when the crowd loudly jeered the team.
The coach was annoyed when asked about the poor performance of Chelsea playmaker Oscar and rejected bowing to public pressure, saying Scolari is "the one who decides who is going to play."