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Football matches in Bermuda called off

IANS 16 Nov 2014, 12:34:30 PM IST

Hamilton: Football matches in Bermuda were called off this weekend in the wake of a series of shootings that left four people injured.

All games, from Premier Division to Under-16, were Saturday postponed by the Bermuda Football Association (BFA), reports CMC.

The decision came after the BFA held its second executive council in 48 hours.

Two shooting incidents took place on Remembrance Day Tuesday - outside the National Sports Centre and later at Somerset Cricket Club - resulting in four people being injured.

There was another shooting incident Thursday at Mount Hill in the central parish of Pembroke, where six shots were reportedly fired.

Three people were later arrested in Warwick.

Public safety minister Walter Roban has urged residents to come together and work with the police to tackle gun violence.

He said the shootings had “shocked and frightened all of Bermuda” and that the Progressive Labour Party “condemn those who have committed these acts and the total disregard for the law they have shown”.

Roban described the shootings as “a painful reminder that laws and policing are not enough to stem the scourge of gun violence”.

“Bermudians of all walks of life share our disgust, outrage and anger about events. Despite this, we must come together, work with the police and identify solutions that address the root causes of our young men targeting each other for death.

“We remind the people of Bermuda that this is a community issue and we must see addressing what has happened as not only a matter for the police, but all citizens to work to eliminate,” he said.