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'Indian referees need to be courageous to raise level' : Farkhad Abdullaev

IANS 24 Jun 2015, 14:53:58 PM IST

New Delhi: The standard of supervision is so high in world football that Indian referees need to be courageous to match its lofty heights FIFA's referee development officer for Southeast Asia Farkhad Abdullaev said on Wednesday.

To act as a catalyst for the evolution of Indian referees, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) is conducting a FIFA MA Assistant Referees Course, which commenced here on Tuesday. The course is being attended by 35 assistant referees.

Abdullaev from Uzbekistan is the instructor of the MA assistant referees course.

"Indian referees are technically very good but comparing an evolving species with an evolved one makes little sense. However, the refereeing bar has been set very high in the world and if Indian referees are to compete, they need to be courageous,” Abdullaev said here on Wednesday.

Speaking on the development of referees in India, he said, "the development of the referees has been on a gradual rise and courses such as this only boost it further. India is the sole exception where FIFA is conducting courses for referees, assistant referees and women's referees."

"This is a rare privilege which India enjoys given its vastness. In that sense, Indian referees are fortunate enough and the results would be visible in due course."

Abdullaev said future of Indian referees is bright good.

"The future looks good for Indian referees and with the AIFF taking many initiatives it is bound to bloom. The results will be evident in given time and the progress has been commendable so far. But going forward, we need more elite referees from India,” he said.

When asked what advice he wants to give aspiring referees, he said, "you need to love the game with all your heart. Follow the game, live the game and understand the game to your fullest."

"There are always tutors who will help you in this quest by supporting and guiding you. But it's up to you to set a high bar for yourself. Believe in your abilities and the sky is the limit," Abdullaev concluded.