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Serena Williams flaunts figure as she strips down for a lingerie company

India TV Sports Desk 20 Nov 2014, 12:18:11 PM IST
India TV Sports Desk

Five-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams swapped the tennis court for the photographer's studio as she stripped down for an Australian lingerie company.


The 33-year-old, who has won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, posed for Berlei as part of a new TV advertising campaign.

The current world No 1 was in a confident mood after last month's WTA Finals success in Singapore as she stepped in front of the cameras in an unfamiliar capacity.

Despite the somewhat intimidating prospect of stripping down, Serena said she felt comfortable in her own skin.

'I'm a normal woman - I can get self-conscious. But I think that is just natural for women to feel that way,' she said.

'I have learned to be proud of my curves and to embrace them. It's important to love who you are and realise that you're beautiful, no matter what society says.'