Microsoft paying users to search Bing instead of Google

Available in United Kingdom today, a similar scheme is already available in the US. Other countries, viz., France, Germany and Canada are set to receive it in the coming months
Microsoft has launched a reward scheme for users...
India TV Tech Desk London June 02, 2017 13:15 IST

In what comes across as a desperate attempt to get people to use its search engine instead of the immensely popular Google, software giant Microsoft has now started a ‘reward’ scheme that entails paying users to use Bing.  

Under the scheme, Microsoft will be rewarding users for using Bing with points, which can later be exchanged for charity donations or freebies available on Microsoft Store. The only condition to accrue points is to be signed into Bing with your Microsoft account.

There are two levels to this scheme. Level 1 users can earn up to 30 points per day (60 points using Microsoft Edge) through searches, or participating in quizzes. Users will be upgraded to Level 2, if they manage to earn 500 points in a month. After this, users will be able to obtain a maximum of 150 points a day.

“On, Level 1 members can earn points for up to 10 searches a day and Level 2 members can earn points for up to 50 searches a day (30 PC, 20 mobile),” explains Microsoft. “The search limit resets every day, so you can start earning again tomorrow.”

In a major draw, 6,000 points can get you an Xbox Live Gold Membership that costs £9.99; 9,500 points can get you a one-month Groove Music Pass that usually costs £8.99 and more.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has had to resort to such schemes to get people onboard Bing. In 2012, Microsoft launched the "Bing it On", a side-by-side Binge versus Google search-off challenge, inviting users to blindly choose which set they prefer.

The Microsoft “Reward” scheme is available in UK today. A similar scheme is already available in the US, while other countries, France, Germany and Canada will reportedly receive it in the coming months.

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