10 clear-cut ways to increase your smartphone's battery backup

New Delhi: Now a days, a smartphone works equal to a computer and we remain glued in it all day long. Be it staying active in social media, playing games, staying in touch with friends,
10 clear cut ways to increase your smartphone s...
India TV News Desk February 29, 2016 19:06 IST

New Delhi: Now a days, a smartphone works equal to a computer and we remain glued in it all day long. Be it staying active in social media, playing games, staying in touch with friends, smartphones are  everywhere.

What remains a common concern for all the smartphone users is that the batteries don't last for long. But, fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to increase your phone's battery backup.

We bring to you 10 effortless battery saving tips:

Dim your screen brightness

The screen of a smartphone consumes the highest amount of battery. So to cut down the consumption you need to lower the brightness. As it is difficult to use dim screen in bright environment, the problem can be taken care with the auto-brightness mode. Head over to your settings, choose the auto-brightness mode and save battery. 

Block ads

When we are surfing on the web, smartphones use a lot of battery downloading unnecessary ads between browsing. So installing an ad blocker will extend your battery life. You can find a lot of ad blocker apps and websites that will help you to save your battery life. 

Use 'Airplane Mode'

Whenever you are on an area with limited network, try to switch your smartphone to the airplane mode. Your device will always try to connect to a cellular network when possible which drains a lot of battery. Before switching to the airplane mode, just remember you can't make and receive calls. 

Manually set email notification

If you are a person with multiple mail accounts and get a lot of email notification, you need to shut down the automatic notification, which is the push notification, and switch to manually checking your mails to save battery. You can either set you notifications to pop-up after every 30 minutes or refresh the mail box when you need it. 

Listen to downloaded music instead of streaming

Online music streaming is very popular these days and this actually drains a lot of battery. You can also download your favorite track and save it in the same app (Ganna, Saavn) and listen without steaming. 

Exit unused apps

Even if you are not using an app, it runs in the background and consumes a lot of battery. Multi-tasking capability is a common feature of smartphones, but it is also the reason why battery life gets drained away easily. So click the home button and get the list of apps currently open and close the apps completely. 

Turn off wifi: If you're not using your smartphone to connect to wireless internet, switch the wi-fi settings to "off." This will stop your phone from searching out networks, even when you think it's not, which will be your smartphones saving resource.

Disable unnecessary location tracking 

Certain apps particularly consume a lot of battery, mostly the apps that utilize the GPS system to track your location. Every smartphone has a GPS unit that allows the sending and receiving of signals to and from satellites for tracing your exact location. When we keep them running in the background, they may continue to send and receive a signal, which drains a lot of battery. So close those particular apps when you don't need them. 

Turn off vibrate

 Vibrations are great to notify you about calls and messages where it's necessary to keep the phone on silent mode. People may not know but vibrations actually use up more power than ringtones. If keeping your phone on vibration mode is not necessary, then disable vibrations or at least, lessen the magnitude of the vibrations. This will save a great amount of battery. 

Switch off when not in use

Switching off your phone for a couple of hours can save more battery than leaving it on sleep or inactive mode. When you know that you will not be using your phone for a period of time switch it off to save battery. If you are wondering, why should you care about battery when you are at home sleeping then let me tell you, repeated charging of batteries eats up the battery volume.

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