French President Emmanuel Macron slammed for spending over $ 30,000 on makeup within three months

It was claimed that the cosmetic bill of Macron is lesser than his predecessor's.
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Written by: India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi August 26, 2017 19:00 IST

French President Emmanuel Macron who was being termed as a fresh face in politics is facing severe criticism for spending more than $ 30,000 on makeup and that too in just three months.

A French magazine Le Point reported that 39-year-old President has spent $30,000 on makeup services within his first three months of holding the position. That means $10,000 a month, or about $330 a day and all with taxpayers' money. Since the new President entered Élysée Palace, it has paid personal makeup artist Natacha M twice, once for 10,000 euros, and then again for 16,000 euros. The service was provided before press conferences, foreign trips and other public appearances. After this report of expenditure, presidential aides said that makeup artist was called in case of emergency and insisted that the cost will be reduced in future.

Source also told the magazine that cost also covers travel and accomodation expenditure of the makeup artist when the person has to travel with the President. The latest makeup scandal was immediately compared to similar revelations in the history of France. However, it was claimed that the cosmetic bill of Macron is lesser than his predecessor's. He is not the first French President who loves to be decked up, former President François Hollande paid approx $11,000 a month just for the haircut. Hollande's predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy forked out slightly less on his appearance.

Macron's popularity is plummeting at a fast speed after the announcement of budget cuts and divisive labour reforms.

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