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Spotting a frog ‘camouflaged’ in green leaves in this picture is not an easy task. Try it!

India TV Buzz Desk 20 Jul 2016, 15:43:51
Spotting a frog ‘camouflaged’ in green leaves...

New Delhi: A recent picture of a frog hidden among the green leaves of a tree has got the Internet perplexed. The frog which has somehow camouflaged itself among the leaves, will force you to stare at the picture a hundred times over.

This picture taken by amateur Indian Yuwaraj Gurjar and has made it to the many optical illusions which are posted again and again on social media. The illusion gets into your head and you might get pissed off after failing repeatedly to spot the frog.

India TV - Spotting a frog ‘camouflaged’ in green leaves in this picture is difficult

The frog in this picture is a moss one. This family of frogs build foam nests above small pools of water to which the bay tadpoles drop after hatching.

Speaking about the perfect time when Yuwaraj took the picture, he told a leading daily,

“We were on a macro photography expedition in Goa and were walking on the trails of lush green forests. We were observing the female making her nest. After the nest making she jumped and slept on a nearby branch which was a metre away.”

“The frog was sleeping and resting for a while which gave me the chance to get some good clicks,”

Yuwaraj added.

Unlike the photographer if you are unable to spot the frog here it is:

India TV - Frog in leaves

Mind-blown aren’t you?

Not only you, seems the photographer Yuwaraj himself is a fan of ‘camouflage’ photos. He said he finds the surprise look on the faces of people after they spot the subject in the picture quite satisfying.


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