NSW police posts are so hilarious that you’ll feel like following them on Facebook!

You'll fall in love with NSW Police's Facebook page. Follow now for unlimited supply of laughter
NSW police posts are so hilarious you’ll feel...
Reshu Manglik New Delhi 25 May 2017, 01:27 PM IST

Thinking about cops never gives us pleasant picture. Spotting a cop at house might give trembles to many of you out of fear. What can they do, after all, law enforcement and sense of humour never co-exist. But New South Wales Police have defied the stereotypes. Going by their Facebook page, I guess they are the wittiest cops on Earth. Here we’re putting some of the most hilarious posts by the NSW police that will convince you that NSW Police Force is one Facebook page you need to follow for your daily dose of laughter. 

What could be a better way to fine a car parked in NO PARKING? Ask NSW Police! 

India TV - NSW Police Posts

How to roast a $130,000 car? Here’s how you do it. 

India TV - NSW police facebook posts

A shout-out to all the dog lovers out there. 

India TV - NSW Police dogs

It seems like NSW Police have been applying lemons to burn as a hobby. 

India TV - NSW police no parking

Even the NSW Police dogs are as comical as their masters. 

India TV - NSW Police dogs

Can you find the intentional pun over here? 

India TV - NSW Police posts

Even the NSW Police is a die-hard fan of Ed Sheeran! *I’m in love with the shape of you* 

India TV - NSW Police ed sheeran fans

Giving traffic lessons like a BOSS 

India TV - over speeding NSW police

NSW Police can’t stand over-speeding. Thank your stars, you’re in India. 

India TV - NSW Police playlist


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