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Playful monkey teases tigress around the jungle

India TV Buzz Desk 28 Jun 2016, 16:32:10
Monkey and the tigress playing - India TV

Ranthambore: In a rare incident caught on video, a monkey can be seen playing and teasing a tigress, defying the long-held notion that monkeys are scared of the wild beast. Tigers, known for their fierce behavior, are even known to kill monkeys.   

The video was captured in the deep jungles of the Ranthambore National Park by a Jaipur tourist that shows the playful monkey and the tigress named Lightning T83.

The happening caught the tourists’ attention when they saw the tigress jumping on a tree in an attempt to catch the monkey. The tigress did not want to kill the monkey, but was instead seen in a jovial mood trying to play around the jungle.

India TV - monkey and the tigress playing

The monkey was seen jumping on Lightning’s face around zone 3.

The playful monkey then climbed a tree when suddenly the tigress grabbed the creature, but the monkey freed itself and started jumping around the tigress.

In a world where every other person is fighting over something, this lovely relationship between the tigress and the monkey is worth learning something from.

Ranthambore national park is one of the largest national parks in northern India and is famous in the country for spotting a tiger. It has a large tiger population with a recent increase in number of tigers from 48 to 62 in the span of one year.



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