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5 Most Popular Indian Web Series One Should Never Miss

India TV Buzz Desk 30 Jun 2016, 19:03:36
Permanent Roommates - India TV

New Delhi: Well thanks to our advanced internet, where Indian television is still focusing on making ''Saas-Bahu'' dramas, some online creators are giving boundless entertainment on YouTube. This online platform has become very popular and amiable that the content of these web series directly hit the conscience of people especially youth. The stories are moreover about youth's mind concept as what they think, what they do and what they feel.
So, after scrutinizing, here are the 5 most popular web series about youth that one should never miss.

1. Permanent Roommates

India TV - Still of Permanent Roommates

This web-series is produced and directed by TVF (The Viral Fever) where a couple is in a long-distance relationship from past three years and now they get a chance to live together but unfortunately Tanya and Mikesh (couple) face so many problems related to their marriage. 

2. All About Section 377

India TV - All About Section 377

This  Creative Gypsy & Amit Khanna's fictional show is about a guy who wants to be an actor and lives in Mumbai with two gays. While living with them he has made a motive to educate masses about LGBT community. 

3. Pitchers 

India TV - Pitchers

There are four guys who are tired of their cooperate jobs and want to get rid of being a runner behind money. To overcome from this problem they decided to open their startup where they will be THE BOSS. This show is directed and produced by TVF.

4. Bang Baaja Baraat

India TV - Bang Baaja Baraat

The show by Yfilms which is about two different personalitites who fell in love and then decided to get married. They faced a lot of families disputes before marriage but as we say All is well when end's well. 

5. Man's World

India TV - Man

Another Yfilms show where a man thinks that woman's life is too simple then suddenly world's change where all the problems which a woman suffers start happening with a man like menstruation cycle, pregnancy, mood swings, etc. 


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