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Video: Punjabi groom’s pyjama slips during his wedding. Watch to find what happens next!

India TV Buzz Desk 12 Jul 2016, 16:23:37
Wedding - India TV

New Delhi: The wedding day is said to be among the happiest days in a person's life. It's a day that is remembered by both bride and groom forever. 

However, what happened with this Punjabi groom during his special day made him every bit as embarrassing as happy.

A hilarious clip from a Punjabi wedding recently uploaded on Youtube and is making people laugh harder online. 

The 46-second video shows a couple-to-be taking their pheras around the holy book, when the groom has a sudden and rather embarrassing realization – that the pyajama beneath his grand sherwani has started dropping.

He tries to save further embarrassment by holding on to the pyjama and just stops mid-way. Seeing her son in trouble, the groom’s mom comes to his rescue and covers him up as he tries to re-tie his pyjama.

Everyone sees the funny side to the whole affair and starts laughing. His would-be wife stands patiently behind him in her wedding finery, trying to suppress her laughter. 

Now, it's your turn. Take a look at this hilarious wedding video that will surely make you laugh.

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