Shocking video shows bloodied incident with United Airlines passenger; Twitter condemns

Passenger dragged on United Airlines flight -...
Tripti Narain New Delhi April 11, 2017 14:24 IST

A recording of a video is doing the rounds of social media that shows some officials inside United Airlines flight 3411 pulling a man from his window seat down the aisle even as passengers yelled and urged the officers to stop. The passenger had declined to leave a flight to Louisville after none of the passengers were ready to voluntarily give up their seats on an overbooked United Airlines flight.

The video caused instant outrage on social media and swift condemnation.

There's a second video that shows the bloodied passenger returning to plane after being forcibly removed. The man had reportedly said that he was a doctor and was going to see patients, but he was forcibly deplaned as the Sunday evening United flight was overbooked. The flight was from Chicago to Louisville.

This is a first hand account from a person on board the United plane. The person writes it's worse than what you think.

This is the CEO's response to the incident:

United Airlines is butt of jokes and is being trolled heavily on Twitter with a call for its boycott:

And this one will not give up on a golden marketing opportunity!


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