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You will be surprise to know what this living ‘Hulk’ of Pakistan weighing 435 kg aiming?

India TV Buzz Desk Karachi 17 Jan 2017, 14:39:13
Arbab Khizer Hayat- India Tv - India TV

Of all the things, how many times, after you watch a Marvel or a DC movie you desire for those unfathomable powers the super heroes possess?

These characters have always marvelled people to that extent, that sometimes it has people wishing to posses such powers and do the things they could never do as mere human beings.

But do you know that our world is sprawling with people who actually possess superhuman powers and strength. Intriguing?

Let me help you open your mind a little bit here. Have you ever heard of Raj Mohan Nair of India who has an amazing ability to withstand several amps of electricity in his body which can easily kill an ordinary human being?

Gino Martino, from America also known as ‘The Human Anvil’ has an unbelievable skull of steel that can smash though hard concretes and steels and never once had a broken skull.

Well, this year in 2017 we introduce you to the great Arbab Khizer Hayat! Often called as the “Hulk” of Pakistan, Arbab can move a tractor and two cars with just his bare hands.

Pakistan’s pride is well recognized as the world’s strongest man by his people and weighs up to 435 Kgs. Whew!

Swarmed by fans who loves taking pictures with him, has a dream to one day enter the ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’ (WWE) competitions and desire to become a world famous star one day. 

We wish and hope the same for the great Arbab Khizer Hayat.

At the moment, the beloved Hayat of Pakistan is constantly checking up with doctors to keep his diet on check and working towards achieving the desired body weight for his future dream. Will we see him on the big screen soon?


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