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Watch: In less than a minute, this video explains why self-defence is essential for women

India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi 23 Sep 2016, 18:47:39
This video explains why self-defence is essential...

The thought that every girl is a ‘damsel in distress’ and needs a ‘Knight in shining armour’ has been seeded in minds of all. But with the changing times and rising crimes against women, they cannot sit back and just wait for a knight to come to their rescue.

This is what this video tries to explain. In less than one minute, this video titled ‘Sonali Kaliraman’ captures the feeling of horror women go through on a daily basis.

The video tells the stark reality of the society which is- women are unsafe. Recent news items speak that a woman is not safe in the confines of her home, let alone on a deserted street.

With women being at the receiving end of so much of crime, one person who can save them is the women herself. The video explains why women need to stand up for themselves and not be dependent on anyone else. 

By the end of the video, women will be convinced to enrol themselves in self-defence. On the other hand, caring men will ensure that women, they know, do the same.


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