Inebriated teen pulls out baby king python during a fight

The drunk teen revealed to police officers that he has a snake inside his underwear.
Baby python (representative image) - India TV
Written by: India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi November 10, 2017 15:31 IST

This sounds really awkward! We have heard someone pulling out a pistol during scuffle but a snake is too much! And that's probably for the first time. This weird incident happened in Germany's Darmstadt when police officers were called to calm down a fight. A 19-year-old drunk boy was arguing loudly with another man and that's when disturbed residents decided to call the cops. But the teen left everyone shocked as he pulled out a reptile from his pants.

While settling the dispute, officers noticed a ''significant bulge'' in the boy's pants. When the cops inquired about it, the boy revealed that he has a snake in his underwear and then pulled out a 35-centimetre-long baby king python. As per reports, he was immediately taken into custody and placed in cell.

Police officers are meanwhile trying  to find out the actual owner of snake. They are also investigating the angle of violation of any animal protection laws.

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