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This Kolkata boy's gory rape threat on a girl's Facebook post is monstrous

It's hard to believe that these are the words of a boy who has never met this girl in his life nor had any interaction.
His paragraph defines rape in the nastiest way -...
Written by: India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi October 15, 2017 17:50 IST

Social media has become a popular spot for stalkers and people with sick mentality. As if trolling and morphing pictures weren't enough, harassers have started giving rape threats over social media platforms.

A post of a Kolkata boy giving rape threat with terrifying details is doing the rounds and has left everyone enraged. This guy, Agniswar Chakraborty randomly posted this paragraph defining the heinous act on the girl's post with whom he didn't had any previous conversation. There is a collective outrage among netizens after the screenshot has gone viral.

Screenshot of the postScreenshot of the post

It's hard to believe that these are the words of a boy who has never met this girl in his life nor had any interaction. He just posted a smiley on her photo which she deleted as he was not their in her friend list. This probably irked the person. He hunted for an old photo in which she was skyping with her 14-year-old brother and wrote these nasty lines.

It even triggered anger on Twitter where comedian Sorabh Pant and singer Chinmnayi Sripaada reacted on this vile post. What the hell could ever prompt such words?? asked Pant while Sripaada called to lodge a police complaint. Meanwhile, Kolkata police has taken notice of the act and has assured of action.

Sorabh PantSorabh Pant

Such acts of cyber bullying should not be tolerated and condemned in every possible way. There are many girls who often receive such nauseating messages in their others inbox but they prefer to dust it under the carpet. However, it is advisable to stop such harassment right at its onset.

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