Can you find resemblance in this dog’s ear and US President Donald Trump? Well, Twitterati does!

Twitterati is highly convinced that the dog ear does resemble the face of US President Donald Trump.
donald trump dog ear
Written by: India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi November 08, 2017 16:22 IST

Donald Trump never fails to make the headlines, be it for his funny Twitter typo or memes. This time, it crossed all the limits of oddities when a Twitter struck a resemblance in a dog’s ear and Donald Trump’s face. A Twitter user posted the picture of his dog’s ear on Twitter and hell broke loose.

What actually happened was, Jade Robinson posted a picture of his dog’s ear infection. But it caught attention of social media for the otherwise reasons. People started drawing parallels to Trump’s face.

The owner wrote: “The inside of my dog’s ear looks like Donald Trump.”

The tweet has been circulated more than 64,000 times on Twitter and there’s no stopping to it. The apparently bizarre resemblance now seems accurate to many. Many people responded affirmative to the dog owner’s observations. Have a look yourself and tell us did you find Donald Trump’s face in this dog’s ear?

Meanwhile, read some of the funniest replies by Twitter users. (There are 1,200 of them!)

Ever since Donald Trump took up as the President of the United States, he made quite ruffles on social media. Trump’s actions weren’t always the one to be flattered by. In fact, his relationship with social media has always been a bumpy one. And this latest tweet series is confirmatory to it.


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