Check out how Google, Uber, Samsung fooled people all over the world!

So you were thinking that April fool's day is for humorous people and nothing to do with professionals? Well you are stranded wrong by these big global brands that fooled the people big time on
check out how google uber samsung fooled people...
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So you were thinking that April fool's day is for humorous people and nothing to do with professionals? Well you are stranded wrong by these big global brands that fooled the people big time on the April 1.

People tend to believe in the news coming from tech giants like Google, but on April 1, everyone got drowned in the wittiness.

Take a look at the nasty ideas that even you might have fallen prey to!

Google Search

Search engine Google kicked off the annual day of high jinks by reversing its page

google april fool

Google Maps

Google transformed its Maps into a good old Pac-Man game. The hack essentially lets users turn any part of a city into the pixilated board game. The roads turn into the tracks where you can control the yellow bob and run from the ghosts. The hack also has the iconic music to really get you into the mood.

google maps april fool

Google Japan

Google Japan launched a new product 'Google Panda', touted as "a product so brilliant, you can ask it anything, but so cute you're gonna wanna hug." In the promotional video, the company's vice president of Engineering, Chris Yerga explained the use of the intelligent yet "adorable" Panda - the cute creature answers all your questions just like the search engine and can be hugged too.


Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has announced a flying drone, the OnePlus DR-1, calling it a "game changer."
The DR-1's product page spouts impressive lines such as "innovating a whole new way of thinking about drones" and telling users to "push the envelope" with this flying machine. Except it's just 70mm wide.

You might be thinking that the DR-1 is an April Fools' day prank, and, well, it's supposed to be -- but OnePlus has ruined its own joke by actually selling a limited quantity of the tiny quad copters. And if you act fast, you can nab one on the company's website and have it shipped to a US address.

The drone has a flight time of 7 to 8 minutes, and needs to be recharged for 20 minutes between flights. It weighs just 12.5 grams, fits in the palm of your hand and sells for just $20 (about £15 or AU$25). A controller is used to pilot the drone, and it doesn't seem like you'll be able to use your phone to do so.

oneplus april fool


Motorola's idea of a prank is launching a customized selfie stick. Well, okay? So what's funny about it? You can decide if you want the selfie stick to be made out of wood or leather, and the company has made a detailed video over it. Laugh riot much? Not in our opinion.


Samsung baffled everyone with this bizarre smart knife product launch. The Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge was launched in a well crafted blog post that was sarcasm heavy and full of puns.

The company took the ‘What is the point of the Galaxy S6 Edge?' questions floating around the geek world, and invoked some rib tickling humor out of this crazy product lunch.

The best thing anyone can do is laugh at themselves, and Samsung nailed it with this one. Read how Samsung managed to fool its fans with the Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge chef edition. This certainly didn't make any sense!

samsung april fool day

OLA Cabs

Olacabs was at its mischievous best! Their Ola Air launch was a massive success, with it trending on Twitter for quite some time, fooling many. The company announced the launch of helicopter rides for just Rs 499 per hour.

Users who are oblivious to air traffic rules and general logistical mayhem that can be caused by this crazy initiative, were all secretly hoping Olacabs wasn't joking.

ola cabs april fools day

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