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iPhone ringtone makes ants run in a circle, netizens debate over video

India TV News Desk 08 Sep 2015, 0:00:31
iphone ringtone makes ants run in a circle...

New Delhi:  A latest video has become an internet sensation in which scores of ants are seen making a circle around an iPhone while it is playing a ringtone. The video has raised many theories why the ants are circling the iPhone and also sparked a host of theories among the experts.

The video shows how ants are walking normally in different directions but suddenly when the iphone rings and vibrates the ants mysteriously form a ring around the phone, racing around it in almost perfect circles.

According to ViralVideoLab, that uploaded the video to YouTube last week, the ants' strange behaviour is caused by an ‘electromagnetic wave' from the incoming call.

However entomologists says that pheromone trails created by ants from the colony, foraging ants can gather and store food efficiently. A scout ant first leaves the nest in search of food, and wanders somewhat randomly until it discovers something edible.

The ants movement suggested that the trails have become "looped around themselves," causing them to form a circle. However those opposing the video have suggested that the strange behaviour could simply be because the video is a fake.

Watch Video  here:


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