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Signs that it's high-time you must let go of Facebook!

Internet connected the world, but Facebook brought it closer... There are hardly instances in the world history, when so many people spent so much time on a common platform. Today, you'll find people who are breathing Facebook,
signs that it s high time you must let go of...
India TV News Desk December 24, 2014 12:52 IST

Internet connected the world, but Facebook brought it closer...
There are hardly instances in the world history, when so many people spent so much time on a common platform.
Today, you'll find people who are breathing Facebook, they can't live a moment without ogling at latest updates on their timelines. It is definitely the most sought after social website on the internet at present time.
If we delve little deeper, Facebook may have fastened up the whole communication process but it is not the first and definitely it will not be the last social media, it is just the part of the evolution process.
Facilities like status updates, image upload and even online chatting were also available on My space & Orkut, but they were ebbed out by Facebook.
But now we often find every second person claiming to be bored of Facebook and its features, which poses a simple question... Is it time to move on?
Kaam kare to kare, nahi kare to aur bhale!

Facebook is one such thing that has become a common place to spend time in-between work and home, people cannot resist the temptation of  adding a new tab and checking updated even at their workplaces.
In US, people often joke that 2008 was the year Facebook started making its presence felt, and it is the same year when the global economy took a plunge.
Bhagwan se to daro!

If you haven't hit like on that pic, then perhaps you are an evil! You will see promoters of different faith, who will warn you against, not liking a particular post that in turn might invite wrath of God Almighty.
When your FB wall gets bombarded up with such stuff, then you might want to switch over to another real-life social platform.
Kuch to daya karo!

Emotions are one of the subtlest attributes that nature endowed on us, but often people end up making an absolute mockery of their emotions.
When the only thing that you do on your FB wall is scroll down through various status updates & emojis, you might think about hitting the deactivate button.
Ssshh...Bad Facebook!

It was supposed to be a genuine platform for putting forth ones views, but its democratic nature has its limitations.
If you have received more than 3-4 requests to put down one of your pic, (where you are posing along with a baby) for being explicit image, than it's time to bid bye to a world where freaks have gained entrance.
Shopper's stop!

Time and again, when we login to our FB accounts we fail to differentiate between friend's posts and suggested shopping site post!
Thanks to this new promote feature, your promoted posts are put up on your friend's timeline as well.
Kal se no FB!

If such thought flashes across your mind, each time you find nothing worth to lay an eye upon - on your own FB wall, than you might want to let it go!
Even if you spend 1 hour of your entire day navigating this tool, it means your are wasting 365 hours per year, which is approximately 15 days per year... Freaking lord!



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