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7 tech stuff that annoy us the most

Imagine, a day without your smart phones or laptops.You can't right coz it's truly impossible. We are so damn addicted to these gadgets that we can't even imagine a minute without them.But sometimes, these devices
7 tech stuff that annoy us the most - India TV
India TV News Desk May 29, 2015 10:55 IST

Imagine, a day without your smart phones or laptops.

You can't right coz it's truly impossible. We are so damn addicted to these gadgets that we can't even imagine a minute without them.

But sometimes, these devices can get really annoying. We feel like bashing ‘em on the wall, crushing them with a hammer or even throwing them into the water. 

So, we decided to come up with a list of the most irritating things that we experience while dealing with these gadgets. Here you go! 

Knock-knock, notification here

Nowadays, we all have access to a tiny, vibrating piece of technology which interrupts our life by notifying us with a "buzz". Buzz! You got an e-mail, Buzz! Your friend has posted a picture on Facebook, Buzz! You need to change the baby's diaper. Phew! So you basically get a “Buzz” for everything under the sun. We can't blame them coz ironically, these devices do not have a brain to judge which notification is important for the user.

Update? No thank you! 

We are hungry for the latest updates all the time. The latest OS version, latest windows and what not! Most of the times we don't want to upgrade coz we don't know what the update is all about. Why would we want to create extra space for a dumb update that we don't even know of! So yeah, no updates please! 

Update technology-IndiaTV

Connect a charger please 

Get some blessing and clear your way to the heaven! How? Give your charger to a person with low battery and you know what we mean! Companies are working so hard on the looks of their products, but most of the time they conveniently ignore the basic need of a user, which is long-running battery life. We are humans after all and we can forget to carry our chargers. Don't make it worse by just reminding us every freakin hour. 

charger technology-IndiaTV

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Forgot password?

This will ring a bell with most of us. OH LORD! WHY DO I FORGET PASSWORDS LIKE ALL THE TIME? Nonetheless, we try (we really do) to get on with a new one. And that my friend is the Catch 22 situation. You enter a password and the system bugs by telling you – one numeric, one upper case, one lower case and, one symbol. They test your patience like how coz these instructions come in instalments. 

App addiction

We humans love trying new things. New clothes, new phone and new apps! But reality is anything in excess is injurious to health! Companies know our weak point hence they keep developing the most killer apps. And that is when hell breaks loose coz we get addicted to exploring new stuff anytime, anywhere.


"No space, click here to handle your stuff." And when we do this, we end up losing our previous “precious date” (read the ones I hardly knew existed). That part is exasperating coz with intricate care, we download different apps for teeniest of things like reminders for drinking water, additional alarm clocks, snooze apps and more. We need everything in our mobile and when it stops working, we feel lost and angry over the inaccessible data.  


Staring at a frozen mobile screen gives jitters to us, the touch not responding is a heartbreaking feeling, and the notification that the app is ‘forced close' gives a minor heart attack to us. Well, the thing that is supposed to make life easy is actually becoming a thing that gives a headache at the wrong time for all the wrong reasons. 

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