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This hilarious video aptly explains the types of fights we have in India!

As the temperature rises, these cases of street brawls and ‘Mukkebaazi’ become even a commoner sight to see
funny video types of indian fights
Reshu Manglik New Delhi May 04, 2017 13:12 IST

Brawls and fights; the omnipresent things in India. No single day passes by when we don’t witness few hot-blooded hunks trying their hands on each other. And the amazing fact is, as the temperature rises, these cases of street brawls and ‘Mukkebaazi’ become even a commoner sight to see. As if, the occurrence of street fights is directly proportional to the ‘Badhti Garmi’. 

In the video, you can see two Indian guys, Naser and Vineeth, taking a hilarious take on the fights ‘that happens only in India’. The major rib-tickling moment of the video was the ‘The Back Up’. It puts on display the common behaviour seen in the gang wars. The head of the gang phones up his ‘always up for a fight’ kind of friends to get a single guy beaten like a piece of meat. But the other guy is smarter than you thought. He rang where he should have- Uber. The lad-in-distress calls for Uber taxi to get him rescued from the situation. So, simple! Isn't it? 

In another part of the video, the makers of the video take a jibe at a typical ‘Punjabi’ fight. Light-heartedly, this segment of the video depicts that we can handle these petty tiffs with a little more understanding and of course, a good sense of humour. 

There’s a special shout-out for the engineers, who’re perennially struggling with their Quantum Physics and Mathematics. These poor lads don’t have any time to indulge in trivial squabbles, as they already have too much to deal with in their academics. 

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Though, the video has been created just for fun, there’s a sweet message the makers are trying to convey: ‘Sunn Yaar, Chill Maar’

So, before you indulge into a typical Indian kind of fight with anyone, try dealing with it the way Naser and Vineeth did. Show a little gumption, maybe?  


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