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An open letter to Higher Authority at Yerwada!

Respected Sir,We salute you for your commendable job and thank you for ensuring the safety within jail premises!We have never met though, but I started liking you and respecting the "human" inside you.Some of the
an open letter to higher authority at yerwada -...
India TV News Desk December 31, 2014 16:19 IST

Respected Sir,

We salute you for your commendable job and thank you for ensuring the safety within jail premises!

We have never met though, but I started liking you and respecting the "human" inside you.

Some of the "inhuman' beings are creating uproar over repeated 'furloughs' being granted to Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt.

But I along with entire Bollywood is way too happy and, thank you for granting their friend & colleague Mr. Dutt a chance to be with his family 'again'!

I am just writing this to appreciate your kindness towards Mr Dutt, who has been serving 5-year sentence under some serious charges, by allowing him to be on 'leave' mounting to 14 days.

And I being a part of a media organization who works 9 hours a day, excluding another 2 hours on road for traveling, am entitled to just 1 sick leave in a month, apart from one week-off (which we often have to compromise due to work)!

I wouldn't be surprised if those serving sentence in there might be working 5 days a week or may be you people must have a caught-up with the latest idea of having four-days-a-week work schedule.

Being a 25 year old writer working with a leading media house, holiday for me is a distant dream! I doubt if they allow me a 15-days off for my wedding as well.  

After Mr. Dutt was out on jail, my mom and non-media friends have started taunting me. They say that my life is worst than someone who is serving sentence in jail. Media friends understand this part, though.

See, how cruel is the world and how kind you are.

Even I have applied for just a week long leave, but my cruel boss has rejected saying that he needs hands as some of my colleagues have already taken leaves.

So while I am busy writing this letter in my shift, whereas some of my friends are already having a good time in Shimla. Posting picture and tagging me...uughhh how much I hate them.

I can just fantasies Mr. Dutt and his holidays, he looks very kind to me and I sure he would not be tagging his cellmates in the Jail. BTW! Just wanted to check do you allow FB and Twitter in jails. If not than, I have scored over your inmates somewhere!

I also read that Mr. Dutt has been granted 'temporary leaves for absence' for over 118 days, in-between March 2013-May 2014.

Now you would understand how and why I called this world, cruel. The company I work for is a respectable one, but it should learn something from your jail manuals I believe.

These corporate executives turn demons and expect us to work on all 30 days off including sick leaves. I don't believe someone ever would be allowed in human history to avail all those leaves in one go.

Off late, I have become a little envious of Mr. Dutt, especially after he went out to watch movie with family. My family also planned to go out for the movie, but they couldn't as I am busy with office work.

Frustrated, my mom has asked my tech-savvy brother to download it from internet. When I told her that it is illegal she giggled, and told me that when the cops will come knocking door she will name me and send me to jail!

"Beta once you'll go to jail, your chances of getting long holidays become brighter" - she was quite serious, while pointing out this logic to me!

As I can't do some serious offence all my hopes lies on these "illegal" downloads...

Though I still dream of meeting you because, I was told that Yerwada Jail has housed many Indian freedom fighters during British Raj, especially during the years 1930 to 1942, which included Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Netaji Subhash Bose and Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

But I wonder whether any one of the above was ever granted as many furloughs as Mr. Dutt?

Just saying...


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