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Ayesha Takia speaks on ‘plastic surgery’ troll, says pics are morphed

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 26 Feb 2017, 12:42:05
Ayesha Takia - India TV

Ayesha Takia’s new looks attracted too much attention- her swollen lips and cheeks went viral in a jiffy! Soon after, Ayesha took to her Instagram account and shared a selfie slamming her haters. Now, the actress herself has opened up and gave her statement on the ongoing “plastic surgery” trolls. 

The “Wanted” actress recently said that the pics, which have gone viral are not entirely real and have actually been morphed by some “vicious” folks.

Here are the viral pics

India TV - Ayesha Takia

Speaking to a leading daily Ayesha said that she didn’t go under the knife and since she is active on social media, people can actually see her “real” face.

She went on to express her concerns over online bullying and trolling and said, “A handful of vicious people and gossip columns have decided to totally morph and distort my pics”.

The 30-year-old actress also shared another pic on her Instagram with #DontCareAboutFalseRumours and #LoveMyself

Hey all you fabulous ppl, let's be super proud of who we are right now coz it's freakin 2017 and we ain't letting no bullies bring us down. I love myself and you should love yourself too. Be who u wanna be n do what u wanna do, don't allow insecure souls to try n calm down ur confidence. Be fabulous n #StopSelfieShaming , stop picking on ppl for who they wanna be it's lame AF. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one😜 so screw what others think and OWN it baby💋 #ILoveMyself #dontCareAboutFalseRumours

A post shared by Ayesha Takia Azmi (@ayeshatakia) on

​In another post, Ayesha shared an inspirational quote from famous American burlesque dancer and model Dita Von Teese. 


A post shared by Ayesha Takia Azmi (@ayeshatakia) on

Here are some of her recent pics

India TV - Ayesha Takia

India TV - Ayesha Takia

India TV - Ayesha Takia

India TV - Ayesha Takia

The actress was last seen opposite Shahid Kapoor in Paathshala. She is now married to Farhan Azmi, son of Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi. She has a three-year-old son, Mikhail.


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