Kalki Koechlin on gender equality: Domestic responsibilities need to be shared equally

Kalki Koechlin, who is gearing up for the release of her two upcoming projects titled Jiya aur Jiya and Ribbon, has this to say about gender equality.
Kalki Koechlin
Edited by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi September 13, 2017 13:01 IST

Kalki feels women are finding their space in society with better education and greater job opportunities, and said that the domestic responsibilities also need to be shared equally between genders. The actress, who has become the face of Swedish beauty and cosmetic brand Oriflame, feels things are changing for the better. 

Asked to share her opinion on gender equality, Kalki said: "There are a lot of job opportunities, education... and women are in a good space; but some... lose confidence, under pressure of getting married after a certain age, stop working after marriage or baby, and things like that. "There is maternity leave, but no paternity leave. This is not right. Domestic responsibilities need to be shared equally," she said.

The actress also spoke about the change she wants to see in Bollywood. "I think we should focus more on writing, and respect our writers more. Content is king now, especially because of what we are getting exposed to on the web."

Sharing her beauty secret, Kalki said: "My mother gave me a beauty secret -- coconut oil. The organic, cold-press coconut oil is magical for the skin. I use it for my hair, skin -- even add it in my food."

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