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Kangana on tiff with Shahid: There's nothing like that

PTI New Delhi 24 Feb 2017, 10:34:03
kangana ranaut, shahid kapoor, rangoon - India TV

Kangana Ranaut has denied that her "Rangoon" co-star Shahid Kapoor has issues with the actress, contrary to reports.

When asked about reports that Shahid reportedly said he would never want to work Kangana, the actress said, "There's nothing like that. We were together at the screening last night. He didn't say anything like that to me." 

The actress was speaking at an event where she was made the new face of Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery. 

Wadia Movietone Pvt Ltd have accused director VishalBhardwaj of lifting the lead character from their movie 'Hunterwaali', played by Australian stuntwoman Mary Evans aka Fearless Nadia. 

Kangana, however, said the movie does not include any character based on real life. 


"We've been saying from the beginning that the character is not based on real life. In 1940s there were several action heroines but to say that there is a similarity with someone specific is very wrong,"said Kangana. 

"We actors don't get the notice so I am not aware much of this (the court verdict). The producers and directors can confirm better but I can confirm it is not similar to any person," the actor said. 


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